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Taradiddles Restaurant & Bar was conceived with the goal of giving folks in the Apache Junction, AZ area a great place to go by providing a full-service family-friendly restaurant/bar that provides an outstanding food, drink, and entertainment experience with great service in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere at an affordable price.

Taradiddles is a family-owned and managed establishment located in the heart of Apache Junction’s Downtown Redevelopment Area.  The restaurant is housed in a 5,000 sq ft facility with a breathtaking view of Superstition Mountain from our large outdoor patio.

Taradiddles serves a phenomenal menu of Southwestern-Styled cuisine with an added kick-flare of Southern Style dishes to make the dining experience uniquely enjoyable. We have a decades-long resume of restaurant and business management background that produces a result greater than the sum of all our individual experiences.  This allows us to provide you an exciting and unique dining experience garnished with great food, drink, entertainment, and outstanding service at a price that considers reasonableness and affordability. At Taradiddles, you, the customer, are The Boss. Our goal is to make The Boss happy so you’ll come back and bring friends and family. We are truly passionate about Taradiddles being a great place to go!

So what is a Taradiddle anyway? We use the Legends of America, Western Slang, Lingo, and Phrases definition of a “Travelers Yarn or Tall Tale...” why do you go to a restaurant or bar besides to eat or drink? Why to tell stories of course...right? So here are the TaradiddlesTaradiddling rules of engagement:

  1. You can any tell any story you want while in the restaurant.

  2. The story must have 10% truth in it.

  3. The other 90% can be totally made up.

  4. The good news is you don’t have to tell anybody which part is which.

Please abide by the above rules of engagement while Taradiddling at Taradiddles

Our credos include:

Serve Quality Food 
We’re only as successful as our last meal.

Provide Quality Service
We’re only as good as our last customer interaction.

Convey a Winning Attitude
An infectious positive attitude is necessary to “bring ’y’all back.”

Thank You for your patronage and hope to see you soon at Taradiddles…
- The Taradiddles Team 

Taradiddles is located east of Phoenix, 30 minutes from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. Take the Idaho/Highway 88 exit off Highway 60 and find us approximately 2 miles north.

285 N Apache Trail
Apache Junction, AZ 85120

Call us at 480-877-8527 or 8528 

Business Hours:
7:00 am to 10:00 pm daily, CLOSED Wednesdays

Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner

Dining Options:
In-house, Pick-up with Curbside and Home Delivery Coming Soon